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The InfiniTek Story
The early years
The company was founded in January 1986 (then PC Business Solutions) with offices in Upland, CA.  The business focus emphasis was in installation and maintenance of Novell and Microsoft server-based and peer-to-peer networks.
In 1988 the company ramped up to become a major Support Center for Peachtree Software.  A full-time CPA was hired along with several accountants to provide support and training to over 200 Peachtree users.  However, in 1989 it became necessary to offer a more robust solution for growing customers.  Enter Platinum, Macola and MAS 90.  The Pre Sales team then could choose among this lineup based upon what the needs analysis dictated. These offerings continued until 1998.
The move to Navision
In 1996 Navision Software (then a product of a Denmark-based company) began approaching the leading Peachtree dealers who were candidates for a more Robust and sophisticated software solution in the mid-range.  When management witnessed the power of Navision it was "game over" for their legacy software offerings!  It just made good business sense to standardize on a solution with the scalability, flexibility and feature-set of Navision.
The growth years
Once the team was onboard with Navision there was a rapid growth in client accounts and building the skill set of staff, deploying custom solutions in Business Analytics, Jet Reports, Barcode Scanning, Warehouse/Supply Chain Management, Electronic Data Interchange, E-Shipping/Receiving and a host of other advanced solutions.  And InfiniTek established itself through outstanding customer service and solution customization.
The Fork in the Road...
In 2008 there was a major "repurposing" for InfiniTek: relocation to Altadena, CA, new business alliances and distribution agreements, the construction of a sophisticated server farm for advanced hosting and a new CEO, Mary Williams.  There has been a move to a more complete financial services offering with a Tier 1 payroll/HR package and an in-house developed ScanDirect Plus solution which moves clients dramatically toward the "paperless office".
The next chapter is even now being written.  Stay tuned...